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(a funding source we are proud to have pioneered)

We are ready for business as soon as the Securities and Exchange Commission works out the details as directed by Congress. This law was inspired by the success of many Crowd Funding Portals existing today.

This site will be replaced by our Trading Platform (now in beta) as soon as the SEC and FINRA will give us the green light.

There are strict laws prohibiting Funding Portals to buy or recommend stocks in the Companies it lists or disperse legal advise, however to save time and disappointment for potential Issuers, the following are just a few of the many limitations as it applies now:

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a,this law covers only "Emerging Growth Companies", with a total gross revenues of less than one billion USD during the last Fiscal Year.
b,maximum amount to be issued is limited to one million USD.
c,total outstanding shares are less than 75 million USD
d,the Issuer did not sell any Registered shares before December 8th. 2011
e,Issuer to provide minimum two years of audited Financial Statements.
(up to $100,000 Financial Statements and Tax returns only
up to $500,000 Financial Statements by CPA and Tax returns)
f,Issuer to submitt a "Confidential Draft Registration Statement" to SEC. 21 days prior to the Roadshow.

we are committed to
"Increasing American Company's competitiveness in the ever
changing International Market Place"

for the complete text of the final Law, please click here

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